Ultimate Ninja World Redeem Codes List (2020)

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Ultimate Ninja World is the mobile strategy games which is release in early 2020 January. It is based on the anime series “Naruto” and “Naruto Shippuden”. To redeem gift codes, you need to click upper left side of phone screen and click “Redeem”.

There is another way to redeem it by clicking “Daily Benefits” and click “Redeem” on the left side of the menu.

There are 3 Types of Ultimate Ninja World tricks : VIP level up tricks, Redeem Codes Tricks and Ultimate Ninja World Mods.

Ultimate Ninja World Gift Codes List (Updated 2020 Feb)

You can get following rewards by redeeming codes.

Deidara (SS) shards x 100

Deidara (SS) EX skill x 2

Silver Contract x 20

Gold Contract x 10

Diamond Contract x 1 ( Only SS shinobi can be hired)

Diamonds x 300

Purple Ninja Tools x 4

Ichiraku Ramen x 10

Military Pill x 10

NOTE: You need to have linked with your Facebook account. If not, you cannot redeem codes.

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